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Support Ending Immediately Partial Government Shut-down
A Message from James Levert Davis, Servant Bishop, 2nd Episcopal District AME Church
TO: Second Episcopal District Clergy and Congregations
FROM: James L. Davis, Servant Bishop
SUBJECT: “Support Ending Immediately Partial Government Shut-down”
shutAs a church founded on challenging social and economic inequities, we cannot stand idly by as those elected to public office abuse their power and undermine the rule of law in ways that have a lasting negative impact on the lives of many people and our nation.

Thus, this urgent call is issued to all members of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, Second Episcopal District to Advocate! Advocate! Advocate! for ending the month-long Government partial shut-down and to fully reopen the government and negotiate on immigration.

Now more than ever our country needs the church to do what we always do in moments of crisis – wage a vigorous, robust and effective defense of the freedom of people in America to make a decent living, unhampered by government shutdowns and other political posturing that turn back the clock on past advancements, and completely disregard the poor and working class. 

First, we are proposing the following  strategies to address needs and issues that will impact now and into the future:
  1. Churches that have programs in place, continue to assist in addressing financial      disparities precipitated by Federal Government shut-down.
  2. Support those who are experiencing financial hardship in any way that will offer immediate relief, i.e. by sponsoring or giving to fundraising efforts and organizing food donation drives.
  3. Inform those who have been impacted of community resources that are available to help them, such as local governments, public schools, for profit and nonprofit agencies.
  4. Inform and assist people affected with employment.
  5. Individual congregations can consider identifying furloughed government workers and supporting them financially in economic hardship.
Secondly, we need to use our voice to stand up against Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell and extremists in Congress and State capitals across our country who think voters don't notice and don't care about the state of our Nation. We are concerned about political posturing  and the unwillingness of the Senate and the President to fully reopen the government and negotiate on immigration reform which is hurting government workers and making America unsafe. We need to revive an authentic moral and spiritual voice in our politics. 

We suggest the following strategies to make our voices heard on Capitol Hill:
    1.  Put your elected officials on speed dial. Call: Capitol Directory Line (202) 224-3121and voice your discontent over the government shut-down.
    2.  Visit their in-district offices, accompanied by persons who can share personal testimonies of the impact of the government shut-down on  their ability to merely  survive. to pay their bills, keep food on their tables, pay their mortgages. 
    3.  Write letters/petitions to demand that your congressional representatives stand up to end the Government shut-down. Demand that they stand up for equal rights of all Americans. Your letters/petitions will serve as a notice that you're watching their actions when it comes to the Federal Government Shut-down and will remember those actions the next time you step into the voting booth. (See Sample letter/petition message below).
    4.  Use Media (emails, texts, phone calls and messages on social media) to get the word out  to amplify and create a public outcry over these inhumane attempts to undermine the people’s fundamental freedoms-the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We want people of all ages, all walks of life and across the political spectrum to know that we will not remain silent while those who make promises to the voters; do not keep those promises.
    5.   Join with other faith-based organizations, Movements such as Black Lives Matter and          #MeToo to show visible signs of community working together. 
We can do more together than we could do alone in reforming inequitable systems that obstruct growth and deny human rights to improve all peoples’ quality of life in our local communities, nation and the world.
May God give those of us charged with making the Kingdom a reality in the lives of all, the strength, courage, and wisdom to keep the wheels spinning for social justice and equality of opportunity in our communities across this nation and the world.

SAMPLE LETTER/PETITION TO SENATOR______________                                             

As one of your constituents, and as a supporter of the massive outcry to end immediately the nearly month-long government shut-down, we request that you use your influence in reaching an agreement to fully reopen the government and negotiate on immigration reform. We applaud the stand you have taken to Trump’s outrageous demand that U. S. taxpayers foot a portion of the $5.7 billion to partially fund a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. At this time, however, political posturing will not restore trust in government, and the worsening economic impact on persons who depend on their weekly income for sustenance and mere survival.
Thank you for standing on the right side of history by promoting, freedom, justice and equality for all Americans. Let’s end this utter disregard for the Constitution and a disturbing willingness to abuse power and trample on the American people’s right to work and be fairly compensated for their labor.
 Name, City, State

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