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Tuesday, Aug 14th @ 7:00pm
Mighty Men of Union Bethel Chorus
Wednesday, Aug 15th @ 12:00pm
Community-Wide Bible Study
Wednesday, Aug 15th @ 5:30pm
Christian Martial Arts for Youth
Wednesday, Aug 15th @ 6:30pm
Christian Martial Arts for Adults
Wednesday, Aug 15th @ 6:30pm
Vacation Bible School
Wednesday, Aug 15th @ 7:00pm
Community Wide Bible Study
Thank You! What You Do Makes an Eternal Difference!
A message from James L. Davis and Arelis B. Davis, Servant Leaders
Second Episcopal District African Methodist Episcopal Church
Facebook Founders Day Mid Year 2018 small
Thanks! - What You Do Makes an Eternal Difference!
From James L. Davis and Arelis B. Davis, Your Servant Leaders

17883918 687622691426166 9057017135152554470 nToday I'm simply writing for two purposes: First, to say thanks for all that you and your congregations do to advance the Kingdom. Secondly, we want to encourage you to continue to inform others; strengthen your spiritual growth; deepen relationships with Jesus Christ and each other; serve church and comunity-locally and globally and empower people to live with hope in these testing times.

We urge pastors to please share the eight (8) Ministry Empowerment highlights below. We ask that you post in your bulletin and read in brief to the congregation on Sunday. We ask you to be inclusively sensitive by disseminating the information to your congregation through various format, including traditional (paper/hard-copy) and non-traditional (social and electronic). To access more detailed information, please go to the District website at

FOUNDER'S DAY, February 11, 2018 – Lift up Founder's Day which is observed annually on the Second Sunday in February. Celebrate our tradition of strength, empowerment and social justice. Use the bulletin cover which contains a brief history of the AME Church and a listing of all churches in the Second Episcopal District in creative ways. We hope that you will find a way to incorporate the rich traditions of African Methodism into your second Sunday celebration or sometime during the month of February. As we celebrate African American History Month, let's reflect on the unique contributions numerous AME's have made to our nation and the world.

BLACK BANK SUNDAY - Congregations were requested to observe the Third Sunday in December, January and February as Black Bankers Month. As a result of this emphasis, many persons have opened sizable savings and other banking accounts. Let us continue working together to encourage our congregations to support Black Banks. They are welcoming us, and we ought to now take full advantage of the privilege to turn our wealth over in our own community.

HOME PURCHASING AND OWNERSHIP EDUCATION – This has been a year of empowerment in our churches and communities for taking charge of our destiny through measured acquisition of homes and claiming a foothold in our communities through putting down roots. If you own it, you can experience the security and confidence in knowing that the owners have a place where they can support safe, healthy, and happy communities. Continue to promote homeownership through motivation, education, and celebration.

I DARE YOU TO TRUST GOD: a 90-DAY CHALLENGE - This has been an awesomely effective Ministry in many of our churches. To that degree, some churches have decided to extend it beyond the 90-days as an effective evangelism and discipleship tool. For those who have requested and others that need more armbands, they will be available at the Mid-Winter Meeting in Greensboro, NC.

EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING, WOMEN'S MISSIONARY SOCIETY – January 31-February 3, 2018, Hilton Hotel, Baltimore, MD. We were blown away by your show of support and solidarity throughout the duration of the Meeting. Thank you talented and energized Second Episcopal District Family, for your volunteer service, as choir members, communion helpers, ushers, hostesses, transporters, and wherever you were needed, you were there! Hats off to Dr. Shirley Cason-Reed, administrator extraordinaire, our highly regarded and beloved International President of the Women's Missionary Society and missionaries at all levels.

Additionally, we are especially grateful for the huge turnout of clergy and lay at the Wednesday evening Worship Service. Thanks from the depths of my heart for accepting my request to come and support me as the humble vessel through whom the Gospel of Jesus Christ was proclaimed.

DONATION FOR SOUPER BOWL OF CARING FOR OUR YOUTH - February 4, 2018 (Souper Bowl Sunday) - We are grateful to each church who supported our youth by giving a donation on Super Bowl Sunday for their annual outreach project. This year they are supporting the AME Empowerment Center/Shelter in Raleigh, North Carolina, as well as other needy agencies in our conferences. Thanks for your support as we continue to encourage our youth to be mission- minded and pooling our resources to help those in need.

CHRISTMAS REMEMBRANCE – Arelis and I are exceedingly thankful for your tremendous outpouring of love during the Christmas Season. It is an honor to serve you. You have brought a multitude of blessings to our lives. You mean more to us than we can ever express on paper. THANK YOU!

MID-WINTER GATHERING - February 15-17, 2018, Sheraton Greensboro at Four Seasons, 3121 West Gate City Blvd., Greensboro, North Carolina 27407. This is our Line-Up Meeting for the remainder of the year. We are urging everyone to attend. We will continue to expand the empowerment concepts introduced at Summer Summit 2017 in Hampton University. You don't want to miss this. COME TO GREENSBORO AND BE BLESSED!

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